astro_2atw_01_robin_williamsRobin Williams was born in late degree of the sign of Cancer, so at the time of his death he had yet to experience the big kick in the pants that would happen with the Pluto transit to his Sun.

He must have had a huge initiation to it however, as it was in opposition to his natal Mars (symbolizes masculinity, libido and life’s passion). The dwarf planet Pluto symbolizes the god of the Underworld – this transit has activated his 3rd house of communication. What message does his death send? What was he writing about?

And as the energy that conjures the Dark Lord kicked at his natal Mars in Cancer, it is highly likely that Williams felt some old passions or intrigue surface.

Where did these demons come from? Natally, his Pluto was the highest light in the sky when Williams was born, right on his midheaven. This certainly was about his courting the dark side through his renown and career, but it also indicates a relationship fraught with power from his father.

Most of Williams’ planets were in water signs, Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon with Scorpio rising. Water sign people FEEL to depths that would give many people the bends. Especially with Scorpio Ascendant, he would not invite many people in to that depth – nor would they want to swim into it. For as incredibly verbal as he was known in a humor context, the emotional realm is difficult to articulate. Not only do words fail many of us, the vulnerability is crushing. Try talking under water… we don’t because we would drown. So we compensate with hand gestures and nods, which is not always enough.

Although a highly responsible person (signified by Saturn in Virgo sextile the Sun), Williams does not show an easy allegiance with the father role model. He needed to go his own way, create his own reality. Yet for all his bravado, confidence may not have been his great ally. He wanted family approval; there are connections that show the deep family roots.

This lack of an anchoring rudder, may have caused his tremendous inability to create that foundation of consistency in his own life. Even though his father was consistent in Williams’ life and a very successful businessman, they may not have had the quality time that Robin needed. His father was an older man 45, when Robin an only child, was born and he died when Robin was in his mid-30s.

At Robin Williams’ death, the transit from Pluto was kicking his Mars (symbolizing libido, what sparks the innate desire). Part of his passing may have been an impulse to communicate with his father. Did it need to be so final?

Robin Williams in 1978When we play with the god of death, we take a chance that there is no coming back. I do not know that his intention really had been to be as final. I am very sure that he was writing something that will surface post mortum.

Sending blessings and love to his children and family. As a Cancer, his intention was all about family. His love goes beyond the physical and I suspect, he will write on.

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