diceForecast 4/16

An early morning snare may occur with conversation or transit; keep alert.

Depending on how you dealt with yesterday’s eclipse, has bearing on how today shakes out. If you met any relationship SNAFUs with decisive judgement, you’re in a good place to go forward. If you feel unsteady and still have questions, use this time to listen and reflect.

You can truly feel the love today, so position yourself accordingly. An unbelievably intense day for those with Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces in their horoscopes: your natural sensitivity goes to unexplored depths.

Earth signs may also find today highly enriching, both emotionally and from a business perspective.

This is fabulous for financial research, but explore fully before you make decisions. Sudden upsets may occur midday, but it doesn’t have to derail your course.

An overture to someone who can help you forward a goal works to your advantage, if you’ve done your homework.

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