venus_jupiterForecast 12/2 The moon enters Sagittarius at 1:31 a.m. ET; dreams may be jumbled and hard to decipher. An early morning meditation or walk helps clear the fog.

The energy is dynamic today. Inspiration and ideas fly by with speed only the most adroit can capture. The ideal is to map out plans for adventure and risks but embark on them another day.

The Sagittarius New Moon occurs at 7:22 pm ET. New Moons offer sparks to kindle new thoughts and beginnings. A Sagittarius New Moon can emphasis legal, travel, higher education, publishing, religion and philosophy matters, but don’t deny your fledgling venture if it is not under one of those topics. The seeds of any New Moon fall in your individual horoscope within a certain house/area of life. This adds another dimension to what colors the Sagittarius New Moon and a clue as to where you might put the most muscle.

sagittarius new moon_ flameThe Sabian symbol* for this Sagittarius New Moon is: “The lamp of physical enlightenment in the left temple”.  Physical enlightenment suggests that whatever is comprehended mentally or spiritually is manifested in the body or material plane.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, which inspires and instills passion; like all fire signs, physical expression is often the immediate means for the message. Yet this particular new moon speaks of a wound because of the placement of Chiron and Neptune.

The word “physical” suggests that whatever has been revealed spiritually or mentally has a concrete manifestation. The physical enlightenment comes through ferrying the difficulty, whatever it may be. It does not happen gently, however but requires a warrior’s stance. Tai chi or exercise may prompt the inspiration; be mindful whatever your task.

The “left temple” could indicate a geographic place of spiritual worship, but more likely is the left side of the brow. Although this houses the left-brain, celebrated for its logic and analytical ability, the left side of the body is said to be “yin”, the feminine side. This seems to be an invitation for integration, to take the lamp of knowledge and let it light up your physical path. In the same way that an exercise routine may create initial friction or bodily resistance, this new moon beginning may chafe a bit – wherever the friction. Whether it is an actual physical routine or not, it is an opportunity to make an impact in the tangible world.

The planet Jupiter is retrograde with this Sagittarius New Moon. Jupiter is the Great Benefic, the planet associated with good fortune and luck. Jupiter was the Roman god of justice, the King of all Gods who ruled the sky; his stories originated with the Greeks who called him Zeus. We associate Jupiter with Sagittarius, the sign linked to law, travel, publishing, higher education, religious and philosophical thought.  Since Jupiter is retrograde from Earth’s perspective, this new moon indicates less partying over the holidays and more reflection, restraint and thoughtfulness.

Enjoy the flow and inspiration that the day brings. This is the fire that keeps the vision stoked through whatever conflict it encounters. Put off an actual launch or new beginning until later in the week, for maximum ease of execution.

What are you cooking up with this New Moon?

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