newmoon copyQuiet Pause

The Sagittarius New Moon occurs at 7:18 AM ET at 7°43”.

Its Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway”.

I find this symbol very reassuring in this difficult time on our planet. Regardless of the mother’s other responsibilities, in this moment she guides her child along a potentially hazardous path.

When a mother engages in a task like this it is because she must (the only access to the destination is up these steps). Where the child is going is not as important as the moment of ascent.

Through accomplishing this task the child experiences pride and learns how to manipulate the body for a specific end. Perhaps most important in the symbol is that the child’s experience is supported through trust.

childGoing deeper into the metaphor, the “steep stairway” speaks to growth which can seem daunting or impossible when we look at the entire picture. Yet a child is not taught to go up a steep stairway by looking up; she is taught to put one foot up and then the other, her entire concentration on the mechanics of the act.

As she gains confidence she may look up to her mother’s face for reassurance and praise. But if the stairway is high and long, both will focus intently on the process rather than risk a fall. The temptation may be great to take a risk, but now is not the time.

Application is so important, so don’t cut corners. The Sagittarius New Moon is one of hope, justice and clear communication of your message.

No matter how high or far the staircase, you can get there when you watch each step and limit the side trips. Tips on how to make the most of a New Moon…

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