Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21, 2020 at 11:58 PM ET. If you were born during January 6, 1991 through January 27 1994, or perhaps 1962-1964, this link is specific for you..

Saturn’s position in your birth horoscope indicates your relationship with authority as a young person. These early lessons shape your inner-sovreignty today. What rules your decisions? You have the power to reshape this if it does not serve you, but only when you are conscious of it.

As Saturn changes signs March 21, 2020, the Coronviruis COVID-19 appears to limit this power of expression.

Saturn symbolizes limits and fear — because nothing limits us as much as fear. Yet there is a distinct difference between fear and caution. From December 2017 with Saturn in Capricorn, we have seen the rise in nationalism and a fervor to create both physical borders and harsh separations because of ideals.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius were considered Saturn signs by ancient astrologers. Although many contemporary astrologers recognize Uranus as linked to Aquarius, we need to consider its Saturn connection as well.

Aquarians may like to identify with their Uranian qualities: unusual, eclectic, eccentric, out-of-the box thinkers and spontaneous. But each of these “unique individual” qualities has a component of Saturn to it. In order to stand out, one has to be aware of the paradigms that the family, society and education set. It is hard work to maintain one’s difference in structures that value the unit, whether the family, classroom or work environment.

But it’s the seeming spontaneity of the Aquarius that is at the root of Saturn. When an Aquarius does something unexpected, they have considered it for some time and planned it. The action may look sudden, but it is almost always premeditated.

Periods when Saturn is in Aquarius show technical and cultural developments with strong movements of united ideals. You probably have Saturn in Aquarius if you were born at these times:

In 1991 -1993, the US led Gulf War used the first GPS bombs. The Hubble telescope launched as did the debut of the world-wide-web. Nelson Mandela was freed which enabled the dissolution of apartheid. The Institute of Genomic Research opened and the Soviet Union fell apart to create separate states. NAFTA established trade for North America.

1962 – 1964 brought BASIC computer programming and the first computer art was crafted. Distribution began of the first birth control pill and Beatlemania swept the world. JFKs assassination, led to the  25th Amendment. This established that the Vice President became President under three circumstances: the President’s death, resignation or removal from office. Warren Buffet began his financial empire.

Martin Luther King inspired generations with his “I Have a Dream” speech at the peaceful March on Washington and the civil rights movement took hold.

Duke Ellington called the new music “swing” and the Apollo Theater opened during 1932 -1935. Black Mountain College began interdisciplinary and experimental education. The US “New Deal” drafted programs led by FDR (an Aquarius) to provide relief for people overwhelmed by the Depression. WPA produced public buildings, roads and art installations that employed people and benefited generations. Social Security was designed as a system to protect the aged and disabled. But another nation reeling from the economic pressures of its defeat in WWI, appointed Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party, as chancellor of Germany.

Note some of the events or situations that began when Saturn was in Aquarius. Their impact may be revisited as Saturn returns to the point they were “born”. Since the pandemic creates irrevocable transformation throughout most countries, we can expect government programs that support health and jumpstart work and production. The suspension of the “payroll tax” to provide businesses some relief will happen during the coronavirus pandemic in the US. The “payroll tax” funds social security.

Saturn is the planet associated with boundaries, limits, structures, routine, authority, discipline and fear. A comfortable relationship with Saturn in the horoscope shows someone who deals well with routines, goals and systems. If this is not the case, opportunities to strengthen this muscle occur with transits or progressions (timing methods that demonstrate opportunity and challenges).

The ancients observed Saturn as the border-keeper of the solar system; it was the farthest one they could see without benefit of a modern telescope. The Romans called this planet Saturn after the god who created foundation and order. Saturn was harsh, cold and distant. He was Cronos to the Greeks: the god of time. There never seems to be enough time and yet as I write this, many of us have a great deal of unstructured time.

We are alive at a unique period and the decisions we make as a whole will have ramifications for lifetimes.

If Saturn is in direct contact with one of your “lights” (Sun or Moon at birth) or another critical point, you may feel low energy and a lack of support. It is important to connect to others. Reach out to an old friend or loved one. Although Saturn is often thought of as a focused, singular impulse, the planet is “exalted” in Libra, which means it is at its best. Libra is the sign of partnerships, relationships and artistic expression and Saturn has to do with responsibility and commitment.

Aquarius, like Libra, is an air sign. Air signs thrive with verbal communication. Even though this may not be your primary expression, we are reminded of our community responsibility when Saturn is in Aquarius. We are told to “social distance” because of the pandemic, but it is our connection to community that enables us to come to terms with the virus.

When Saturn is in Aquarius, common themes are technical advancement; inventions and innovations are required as we get through this pandemic. A cultural phenomena can be birthed as so many people spend time in reflection, domestication and stasis. We can certainly expect cohesive movements to form as fresh ideas hatch from strife.

Each one of us has a place in the architecture of the new framework. What jumps out at you from prior Saturn in Aquarius cycles? What earlier experience can benefit from a new direction?

Saturn defines our “reality”… what we believe to be “real”. Each of us creates and emphasizes what this is.

Saturn demands accountability in the area of life triggered by the sign and the “house” it travels through your horoscope. I will write about what this may mean based on your natal birth Sun… that post comes next 🙂

May love and light surround you.