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Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, 2023 where it remains until it steps into Aries on May 24, 2025; it does slide back into Pisces on September 1, 2025… and finally settles into Aries February 14, 2026.

Usually the first day that Saturn enters into a new sign, something occurs in the news that mirrors the energy of that sign and signals its time for structural accountability in a specific area. Let’s look at the past few years with Saturn in Aquarius to better understand what is ahead.

The day Saturn entered Aquarius on March 22, 2020, US Chairman Alan Greenspan remarked on the “Economic challenges in the new century”. Although most people probably did not read or hear his complete perspective, he recognized the shifts occurring within business, energy and global concerns. He stressed — and this is his quote “…societies cannot thrive if significant segments perceive their functioning as unjust… Despite the considerable progress evident in recent decades in reducing racial and other forms of discrimination, this job is far from complete.”

The point of Greenspan’s assessment was that the US economy could not do well without economic justice and opportunity for all its people. Even he realized the wealth disparity was skewed and could not foster real economic growth and sustainability.

The term “woke” according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, seeped into the mainstream from African American slang to be morphed into what is now a toxic buzzword to conservative agenda. Because “woke” came to the mainstream during the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, this 2000-2022 Saturn in Aquarius has highlighted the divide within society to acknowledge and be accountable to white privilege.

Why? Because Aquarius is about humanitarian responses within the social collective; yet conceptual divisions have been crystallized at this time. Saturn delineates and hardens the structures, which can also shatter when brittle or if they lack integrity.

The documentary “The Summer of Soul” was released during Saturn’s run in Aquarius and has incredible footage of the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival. The entire concerts were filmed but sat in storage for decades. An absolute jewel of a film, it is rich, evocative, moving with fabulous music and performances. If “woke” means uncovering more such treasures, bring it on.

Of course, Saturn entered Aquarius as COVID closed down social activities and human interaction. With Pluto in Capricorn, it was an extreme example of corralling humanity. Schisms occurred between those who felt controlled, those who felt socially responsible and some who spiraled into extreme fear of interaction with people (and everything in between).

Yet with Saturn in Aquarius, social media exploded – business adapted to new ways to function and people explored creative connections digitally, outdoors and on rooftops. Conspiracy theories multiplied and gained visibility, nothing was too “out there” to not gain some traction. Aquarius is the sign of the alien, eccentric and the unique. Allegiances had to be declared and friendships (another Aquarian keyword) became more limited or loyal, depending on perspective.

Part of the dark side of Aquarius as a sign is the tendency to be imperious, superior, righteous. As the farthest planet out in our solar system that is seen by the eye, Saturn represents boundaries; it is the planet that echoes how we structure our lives. It is symbolic of Lord Karma, discipline and order. Aquarius is the sign of the “humanitarian”.

Most Aquarians tend to think that their point-of-view is the best one for humanity and their innate objectivity reinforces that. Yet objectivity without compassion is not best for humanity. Insensitivity, coldness and distancing can all be manifestations of a strong Aquarian nature. The Aquarian influence can relate to one’s ethical or theological “humanitarianism”. Not all, but there are religions with strict and narrow rules that influence or demand how a person views humanity. This sheds light on why religious allegiances have dominated the increased polarity of politics, society, neighborhoods and families.

Over the past few years we have seen how Saturn in Aquarius emphasized these extreme polarities. The “my way or the highway”, “end of discussion” attitude has crystallized and created seemingly intractable schisms.

As Pluto finishes its run in Capricorn, many of us are tired, isolated, demoralized and wary that new orientations are possible… and yet… hope is about to wash over our parched spirits like a soft, welcome rain. Of course, hope looks different depending on what side of the schism one stands.

If you were born between 1991 to 1993, your natal Saturn is in Aquarius and you’ve just experienced your first Saturn Return.

As we enter Saturn in Pisces, if you are old enough, think back to 1994 through 1996. Often there is an “echo” to that time. It won’t be exactly the same; since outer planets create new geometric configurations to symbolize energetic shifts and evolutions.

If you were a child in the mid 90’s, the experience might have been your parents’ and not yours, but you felt the benefits or repercussions. The clue to analyzing Saturn’s results at that time is: did anything change structurally for you or was anything severely limited? This may be an indication of how much impact Saturn through Pisces will have for you now.

We are all shifting from one area of concentration to another… it’s subtle or unrelenting, depending on how directly you are affected by the transits. If you know where Pisces falls in your personal horoscope, this is the area of life where you will be required to take stock and confront any fears.

A transit of Saturn forces us to do what we don’t feel like doing…. and it’s advisable to give our best effort, because the alternative is depressing. Some passages are harder than others, which depends on our personal relationship with responsibility, making commitments, showing up and setting boundaries.

Saturn was happy as a clam in its journey through Capricorn and Aquarius, but that did not feel good to most of us! Capricorn and Aquarius are signs “comfortable” when linked to Saturn because they thrive on the predictable…. OK, you might think – Capricorn yes — routine, uniform, goals…. But Aquarius?

Aquarius represents the individual and freedom, which means nothing without an order from which to rebel. Saturn in Capricorn brought out the problems with our unsustainable “status quo” systems, and through Aquarius, the radical moves for change.

The results since 2018 have been extreme because Pluto (symbolizing irrevocable transformation) traveled through Capricorn. To say it another way, when Saturn is in Capricorn, rules comfort those who like them and create a barrier for those who don’t. In Aquarius, Saturn’s rules become more individualistic, but they are rules nonetheless. Once Saturn is in Pisces, the rules morph, erode or even dissolve.

Pisces is the end of the zodiacal wheel, but it is also the womb that launches the Spring Equinox and Aries pioneer spirit. As Saturn makes its way through Pisces, we are invited to shed layers that may hold us back. At the same time we want to encourage creativity, dreams and our heartfelt wishes.

We can transcend the heaviness of past disappointments if we are willing to do so. The snare of Pisces is to feel victimized, helpless or unheard. The antidote is to create spiritual hygiene routines. Choose to release worry and embrace potential. To paraphrase the great spiritual teacher, Thích Nhất Hạnh: worry is a waste of time.

A classic metaphor for Saturn in Pisces is a gorgeous sand sculpture that is pulled back into the sea by the tide. Nowadays it’s easy to capture its image before it’s swept away. But the important thing about the metaphor is that it wipes clean the present perception of achievement and leaves a blank canvas for the next realization. Our consciousness is evolving and the Piscean passage reminds us that we can’t really know what is ahead until we are there.

With Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, financial systems, government, education, money invested for retirement, transgender rights, class systems, abortion rights, in-vitro and surrogate births, organ donors, the consequences of inadequate healthcare and the aging population have hit critical junctures. Climate change events encourage investment decisions and accountability for survival and yet there is steadfast resistance or indifference to what science suggests. The separate camp mentality has increased in brittleness and the absurd.

Two major planetary passages occur in March 2023 as well as Mars move into Cancer and the Spring Equinox. Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023 — more about all of these to come.

This writing’s focus is on Saturn in Pisces, which will create more extremes as certain things become untenable, but also invites one to swim in new directions. The 12 feet of snowfall in California on the last days of Saturn in Aquarius, is a harbinger of these shifts.

Pisces is often depicted by two fish in a circle after one another’s tails. This yin/yang image speaks of the oneness in what appears to be opposites. Extreme perspectives may soften over the next few years but history indicates this happens when society is forced to feel the cost.

The last time Saturn traveled through Pisces (May 1993- April 1996) was a tumultuous time throughout the world. The outer planets color how Saturn transits are reflected in our world and at that time Pluto was in the last degrees Scorpio (the sign linked to death, sex, power and transformation) and then first degrees of Sagittarius (world affairs, justice, religion). Nelson Mandela became president in South Africa with its first multiracial election. The USA ended the long embargo against Vietnam.

When Saturn revisits a sign, we often see a reevaluation of what was going on the last time. The spectrum of Pisces arcs from victim to savior; Mandela went from prisoner to president. Vietnam went from the enemy of the USA to a trade partner.

The fervor that can fester or explode with Saturn in Pisces was shown with the slaughter of the Tutsis in Rwanda. Horrific human rights violations and genocide ran through the Serbia-Croatia conflict justified by “ethnic cleansing”; a peace agreement in Bosnia was reached in 1995. The peace process in Ireland began with talks by the nationalist parties, IRA and different factions looking to end the sporadic violence.

A federal building in Oklahoma City was bombed by a US Army Veteran, resulting in the deaths of 168 people, including 19 children. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a religious rightist opposed to peace negotiations with the Palestinians. The Taliban gained major control in Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden issued his “Declaration of Jihad” on Americans.

Looking at innovation and creativity, the first successfully cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep was born in Scotland. In fashion, the look was relaxed, minimal and even grunge. The television series “Friends” launched the fantasy of large apartments for young people in NYC. The conceptual artist Jeremy Deller, born with Saturn in Pisces in 1966, summed up the trend in the artworld at this time: “I realized that I didn’t have to make objects anymore. I could just do these sort of events, make things happen, work with people and enjoy it.”

Further back, when Saturn was in Pisces between March 1964- March 1967, we also experienced the Uranus/Pluto conjunction; it was a time of imperative and irrevocable change. Saturn in Pisces mirrored the flood of vanguard ideas and the dissolution of “normal routines” as the ongoing Vietnam War with its protests, the voices of civil rights and feminist movements, a growing awareness of earth sustainability, and explosion of drug and music experimentation defined new ways of being.

So what can we expect this passage of Saturn in Pisces?

Pisces represents the Universal Unconscious (the psychic ocean all we human beings swim in— whether we know it or not). When the collective consciousness hits a true momentum (oh yes! the tipping point number of people now perceive the same awareness), the birth of the new can sweep into Saturn’s next trip around the zodiacal wheel.

That’s why conscious awareness, intentional visualizations and meditations are so important. Because our unconscious collective determines the direction of how awake we become as a human race, or if we evolve.

The Ingress horoscope shows the Virgo Full Moon occurs right before Saturn enters Pisces. This speaks of the healing potential during this cycle of Saturn, especially after the first  year. It’s charged with spiritual creativity to unite generations for focused action. With Pluto in the last pass of Capricorn, the imperative for us to address unhealed wounds accelerates.

This Virgo Full Moon and the shift of Saturn into Pisces shines on the early hours of International Women’s Day 2023… the energy is compelling and transformational. It is time for women to hold more power and for men to explore what their contribution is within new structural dynamics that support collaboration and equity.

Because Pluto moves into Aquarius the end of March 2023, we can anticipate fast erosion of outworn structures. Unfortunately, this will probably include some architecture on the physical earth. Mandates for sustainability can fast forward, perhaps accelerated by further signs of poisoned water and climate costs. Government structures and officials who no longer truly represent the people will lose their grip.

Violence might increase before public opinion shifts the tide. The past few years have shown us what can happen when fascist and intolerant powers dictate outcomes. When Saturn is in Pisces, we can choose to allow them to run amok or make strides for peace and creative solutions.

Expect more reparations to families who came from slaves; not only this, but the return of Bruce’s Beach in CA to its descendants is an example of the difficulty ahead. The family chose to sell this valuable land because they decided money in hand would allow their family more options. It is absolute fact that not every person who inherits wealth from family uses that well, but it is also fact that countless black people have historically had their hard-earned achievements stolen. When slaves were given their freedom, the Freedman’s Bureau did their best to distribute services and allot land, but then Johnson became president and gutted the program and gave the land back to the plantations. Yet in that short time, the Bureau had managed to create universities like Howard and Fisk, which have continued to nurture black brilliance and therefore allow access to the systems that need to change. One blessing in this tragedy, Johnson did not recognize that educating black people was a threat to his desire to keep them down.

With Saturn in Pisces, the victim or disenfranchised can rise — we can also anticipate more voice and recognition of the rich wisdom of the First Nations in the USA  and around the world. Many indigenous people came from societies with great understanding of the natural world. Deb Haaland, the first Native American to head the US Department of the Interior has said: “The tenets of my cultural teachings are rooted in our commitment to lift up every community member so that no one is left behind. Work and food were shared equally. Through our commitment to community, we care about children, even when they aren’t ours, and we want our old folks, and yours, to live their last days in dignity and comfort.”

Her quote is a Saturn in Pisces recognition of a human being’s ability to thrive within compassionate communities. After the isolating years of Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius, many people hunger to dance, connect and celebrate community. When we increase these communities, they can overcome greed and addiction to anger fueled by fear that has truncated our ability to deepen human connections.

Music and art can provide immediate bridges for collaboration. ChatGbt, digital imagery and an inability to discern what’s real, will demand concrete The tenets of my cultural teachings are rooted in our commitment to lift up every community member so that no one is left behind. Work and food were shared equally. Through our commitment to community, we care about children, even when they aren’t ours, and we want our old folks, and yours, to live their last days in dignity and comfort. boundaries and accountability, but once again – the situation may become critical before the collective makes change.

If you were born between May 1993- April 1996, you’re on your first Saturn Return… or born between March 1964- March 1967, your second Saturn Return. More about the Saturn Return…

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