saturn_redWhere was the planet Saturn in the sky when you were born?

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Saturn’s position in your birth horoscope symbolizes your relationship with authority as a young person, which shapes your inner-sovreignty today. In other words, what rules your decision-making abilities or willingness to claim your due?

Saturn is the planet associated with boundaries, limits, discipline and fear (nothing limits you as much as fear). The word discipline used to conjure up memories of stern childhood authority figures that ruled my parochial schools in the last century.

As I matured out of that school system, I learned that discipline enabled me to succeed at many a desired goal. One spiritual teacher pointed out that self-discipline allows you to be a Disciple of Your Spirit.

A comfortable relationship with Saturn in the horoscope shows someone who has no issue declaring his/her authority. If this is not the case, opportunities to strengthen this muscle occur with transits or progressions (timing methods that demonstrate opportunity and challenges).

The ancients observed Saturn as the border-keeper of the solar system; it was the farthest one they could see without benefit of a modern telescope. The Romans called this planet Saturn after the god who created foundation and order. Saturn was cold and distant. He was Cronos to the Greeks: the god of time.

Saturn’s orbit travels in distinct seven-year cycles through your horoscope. Think about a job you had for seven years or how long you may have lived somewhere. Every seven years, you come to an unconscious (or sometimes conscious) evaluation period.

Seven_year_itchThis phenomenon was made popular by the play, then movie: The Seven-Year Itch, which made sport of the psychological observation that happiness declines in the seventh year of marriage.

The term “seven-year itch” was actually borrowed from medical jargon for skin irritations of long duration.

To an astrologer, Saturn also symbolizes one’s skin and skeletal structure, since it defines the body. As a result, when the orbit of Saturn makes a geometric picture with your birth horoscope, it may signal that attention is brought to your bones, teeth or skin.

Saturn’s present orbit in relation to your natal horoscope symbolizes duties, limitations and perceived reality. It may strengthen your commitment or narrow your focus.

If Saturn is in direct contact with one of your “lights” (Sun or Moon at birth) or another critical point, you may feel low energy and a lack of support. If this is the case, make choices, winnow your focus. Concentrate on your priority and the reward can follow.

Saturn demands accountability in the area of life triggered by the sign and the “house” it travels through your horoscope. When Saturn is in Sagittarius, common themes are to make a commitment to higher education, travel, legal matters and religious concerns. As a result, you may go back to school, start to save for a big trip (or find your wings clipped), be involved in litigation or delve into religious studies. This may affect you directly or indirectly, depending on your personal horoscope.

janusSaturn is not comfortable in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet naturally in line with Sagittarius: expansive, risk-taking and no apologies. Saturn is the planet aligned with Capricorn: conservative, cautious and status quo.

I think of Sagittarius and Capricorn as the “two heads of the father”. Picture the god Janus, with two faces: one looked to the past, the other to the future. The ideal father balances both the energies of Jupiter and Saturn. Since Saturn and Jupiter symbolize facets of your own individuality, the ideal father within you learns to balance this act.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you may confront a personal tightrope. The trick is to allow yourself professional risks IF you have created the structure to take that leap.

If you are old enough, reflect back to 1986 through 1988; the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius. Often there is an “echo” to that time. It won’t be exactly the same; since orbits are different, the other planets create new geometric configurations to symbolize another energetic story.

If you were a child in the late 80’s, the experience might have been your parents’ and not yours, but you felt the benefits or repercussions. The clue to analyzing Saturn’s results at that time is: did anything change structurally for you or was anything severely limited? This may be an indication of how much impact Saturn through Sagittarius will have for you now.

When in Direct Motion, the structural limits of Saturn’s influence is apparent; when Retrograde the process is more internal and can indicate delays in the actual orchestration of a concrete manifestation. If fear is the limitation, it is more obvious when Direct and insidious when Retrograde. Self-awareness is the antidote.

What about you? Are you comfortable with self-discipline and the concept that it allows you to be a Disciple of Your Spirit?

and of course, the burning question: How does Saturn in Sagittarius affect my individual sign???

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