Rhea and Saturn

Saturn Retrograde: Last Dance in Sagittarius

The planet Saturn turns retrograde April 6, 2017, which means from our perspective it appears to move backwards.

The Ancients saw the planet Saturn as border patrol of the Solar System. To their eyes it was the farthest planet out.

Saturn symbolizes time, limits, discipline and fear. Saturn, known as Kronos to the Greeks, devoured his children; a strategy to make sure they didn’t usurp him.

Yet mama Rhea hated to sacrifice her babies to his meal plan. Eventually she gave Saturn a rock in swaddling clothes. Being a creature of habit, it didn’t occur to Saturn that the swaddled object would be anything but another suspect offspring.

Baby Jupiter was hidden and protected. Free to grow to adulthood, he beat Saturn’s butt (and also released all his consumed brothers and sisters from the old man’s belly by tricking him to drink a particularly nasty emetic).

Obviously, the greedy guy did not chew his food.

What’s the lesson in this mythology? Recognize whatever fears you may have about your creative fruit. Some people limit possibilities for success by overworking or stopping themselves from new growth.

When retrograde, Saturn presents the opportunity to reflect on structures in your life and responsibilities that you take on (or avoid). Sometimes we’re so disciplined we have no space or time for play and spontaneity. This limits our ability to soar.

On the other hand, we might be so scattered that nothing comes together. This can be as detrimental to inspiration and exuberance as a highly regimented schedule.

During this retrograde period, reflect on what may benefit you with greater organization. Do you feel so disciplined that you don’t have much fun? Are you stuck in projects that seem to go nowhere? Is there a project or goal that you really want to dust off and address?

Some deep or old fears may come up, especially concerning authority, father and limitations. These are some of the thoughts that this time can stir and you can modify with keen awareness.

This is Saturn’s last retrograde before it leaves Sagittarius, so you’ might dig deeper into education goals, legal matters, travel plans, publishing ambitions or religious commitments.

Looking past the personal and on to the world stage, this retrograde is especially significant for the U.S. president, Donald Trump. Saturn in Sagittarius moves backwards to go over his Moon and oppose his Sun one last time. This will be exact July and August 2017.

The August 21 eclipse precedes Saturn Direct (August 25). The eclipse occurs with the Leo New Moon which will rise exactly on Trump’s Ascendant.

What can we expect? More about this eclipse to come.

For today, focus on where you want to take responsibility. Saturn moves into Capricorn the end of 2017. If you want a refresher of where to take action when Saturn in Sagittarius — here’s the link.