The planet Saturn turned retrograde February 7, 2012, which means from our perspective it appears to be moving backwards. This sculpture by Penso is an excellent, although disturbing, depiction of Saturn.

That’s because Saturn is actually devouring one of his children- which was his strategy to make sure they didn’t usurp him. As the Fates would have it, their mama Rhea didn’t go for this and eventually gave him a rock in swaddling clothes. So baby Jupiter was free to grow to adulthood and beat his butt (and also free all his consumed brothers and sisters from the old man’s belly). Obviously, the greedy guy did not chew his food.

Therefore, one of Saturn‘s lessons is to recognize whatever fears you may have about your creative fruit. When retrograde, you have the opportunity to reflect on the way you structure your life. Sometimes we’re so disciplined we have no space or time for play and spontaneity. This limits our ability to soar.

On the other hand, we might be so scattered that nothing comes together. This can be as detrimental to inspiration and exuberance as a highly regimented schedule.

During this retrograde period, reflect on what may benefit you with greater organization. Are you in a relationship with fuzzy boundaries? Do you feel so disciplined that you don’t have much fun? Some deep or old fears may come up, especially concerning authority, father and limitations. These are some of the thoughts that this time can stir and you can modify with keen awareness.

This is also its last retrograde before it leaves Libra, so you’ve one more opportunity to dig deeper into your commitments and expectations in relationship. If you’re not in a relationship, you can realistically establish what you expect. If you are in a relationship, secure a foundation of integrity and it will stand the test of time. However, you cannot build it alone.

Saturn in Libra over the last couple of years has been driving home the need to take responsibility and strengthen equality in relationships. This isn’t just romantic relationships, but any close friendship or one with a professional you should trust. You may find yourself going over again, one more time, material you thought you’d finished. Go with it, and it will be less painful than not. Some relationships really are not worth keeping.

The retrograde goes through June 25, 2012. Since Mars is also retrograde through April 14, you may feel frustrated or hampered in your goals. See this as a period to go over and analyze, creating a rock-hard foundation. Then when Mars is direct in the spring, you’ll be able to move forward with calculated force.

What do you think your Saturn lessons are this retrograde?