Sunflowers-VAN-GOGHForecast 8/16

The Virgo moon encourages ritual. You may want to start or continue a diet or exercise plan. The benefits at this time offer concrete results, which increase your desire to keep good habits.

When you map out today to reflect your perfect routine, the odds of continued follow-through are strong. Early risers may experience a power surge; preplanning maximizes results. Messages or news may be something you want to utilize. sift quickly to discern what’s important. A lot can get done today if you so choose.

Note the details of your life: the scent of a peach, colors in a landscape, a child’s smile, cat on your lap, or the movements of your body as you make dinner, swim or walk. These are all moments of tremendous pleasure which we often overlook or take as a given in our busy days.

Yet they are indeed building blocks for happiness or arguably, the moments of true happiness. When you notice how much is good in your life, the goodness increases.

Savor the little things. An upset or surprise in the evening may cause an adjustment in plans. pay attention to the details that need to be in place in order to fulfill the larger goal.

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