MameMy parents loved Broadway musicals. That was just about the only music we consistently heard in our suburban home (until we were old enough to buy our own LPs- I’m dating myself).

Anyway, my absolute favorite Christmas song is from “Mame”. Totally broke because of the Depression, Mame was fired from her brief stint as a shopgirl. She rallies from her blues as she always does, inspired by her nephew Patrick.

He’s a kid- she wants to make holiday: “We Need a Little Christmas… right this very minute!”

The song always lifts me up- it never fails to remind me that we make the mood for our luck and happiness.

This year, I made Thanksgiving dinner in my mom’s apartment in her senior living complex. Mom has been sad and lonely without Dad, but determined to shoulder on and not complain.

My daughter brought a string of white lights to my mother’s apartment and hung them over her terrace door. It was a spontaneous gesture, but an absolute perfect one. None of us anticipated the delight those lights have given my mother. But then, she’s got a bit of Mame in her. The next time I stopped by she had put out the golfing Santa; the lights and the family gathering had triggered her desire to “Make a Little Christmas…”

sagittarius_pineToday I went to get produce and ended up having a 10 minute retreat in the Christmas tree section. Pine is energizing, invigorating and great for concentration and mental clarity. It was a delicious respite.

According to the mystic Ted Andrews: “Pine has an archetypal energy and message about eliminating our feelings of guilt and balancing over-emotionalism. The pine spirit is kind and sensitive and loves contact with humans. It soothes emotions and always reminds us that we should make decisions best from as clear a perspective as possible.”

Whether holiday lights or the scent of pine, our world does offer us moments to connect to peace. Depending on how difficult our passage may be, the experience may be fleeting, but it is offered nonetheless.

If this is a time of elation for you, may you soar to great heights. If this is a time of stress or pain, may you find the scent of pine, a comforting shoulder and a star in the night. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

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