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The Scorpio New Moon occurs at 12:47 PM on the U.S. Veterans’ Day.

It’s fitting that this holiday occurs during the sign of Scorpio, which symbolizes among other things, transformation, power and merger. Those who have been a part of the armed services had transformed individuality identity to serve.

Many veterans dealt with death or live with wounds, either physical or psychological. Scorpio reminds us that we all have the ability to transform through integration. There is a warrior component to Scorpio energy; the fascination to stay with a task or situation no matter how excruciating, because only then can we see it through.

The art of Scorpionic manipulation is to know when you’ve seen enough. We don’t always have to hold on to the bitter end to have gained the knowledge of the experience. Then again, to see someone through a death process changes us, after which life can seem brighter and more intense.

All new moons represent new beginnings. Whatever the seeds you plant benefit from purging and planning before engaging in the seed planting.

But the Scorpio New Moon opens into deeper layers, arguably unfathomable. It offers the opportunity to explore parts of yourself with greater depth as well as release ties that may hold you back.

Because of the geometric pictures this particular New Moon creates with Pluto and Chiron, a profound therapeutic experience is available for old wounds. This doesn’t happen when someone thinks: “oh, let me poke at this scab”, but through a situation or memory that presents the chance to heal.

Pluto symbolizes irrevocable transformation and Chiron, the impulse to heal a wound. The other prominent planet in the mix is Uranus and indicates unexpected change leads to freedom.

parrotThe Sabian Symbol for this Scorpio New Moon at 19°0 is “A Parrot Repeats The Conversation He Has Overheard”.

The parrot listens- but of course the parrot cannot digest the information. A person who “parrots” repeats something without any thought as to the consequences or accountability of the repetition. The symbol in this context seems to be a caution.

Be mindful of what you say and listen with discernment to what you hear. When something new presents itself, listen carefully. Be especially alert when others take up the information without hesitation. It is extremely valuable to know the source. When you plumb the source, ask questions.

No one wants to be a parrot and spout hurtful, false or private information. Yet anyone who has ever known an actual parrot will tell you how smart they are. Unfortunately, the parrot’s ability to convey intelligent ideas is totally dependent on to whom it listens!

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