girl-in-woods-in-autumnEase It Open — Scorpio New Moon

Every New Moon brings an opportunity to clean the slate and start fresh. How big the stroke depends on you; it might be subtle, pivotal or a whole new launch.

In the sign of Scorpio, the transition may be deeply felt.

Scorpio themes are about mergers, shared resources and the big passages of life: birth, death and psychological shifts. You might want t capture your thoughts instead of a fast gallop into your day.

Even if this is not ordinarily your practice, sit in the morning and clear your mind. Thoughts will continue to present themselves, but send them away for now.

A clear mind invites in new possibilities. Often as you come out of this relaxed state, the true thought, impulse, idea or revelation emerges.

It needs to be free of the mind clutter that drowns it out. Once revealed, there’s a recognition.

The question becomes, is this something you will act on or suppress?

Even if the timing does not allow fulfillment of a deep truth, it is of value to give it credence. Action taken over the next few days can literally change the frame and break patterns.

The Scorpio New Moon occurs on October 30 at 1:38 PM ET at 7°44”.

Rowe moonIts Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight”. This image creates contrast because a New Moon happens when there is no moon in the visible sky; the moon is under the horizon.

Yet the symbol supports the thrust of this particular New Moon: it has that magnetic power of the calm surface that veils activity.

This summer I sat in the park gazebo in sleepy Rowe, MA and gazed at the moon over the fecund pond. The moon glowed with promise above the trees in the still night. I listened intently for any rustle from the woods close to the clearing, since bears are “too comfortable” in the Berkshires.

Yet listening did not deter my appreciation of the silence and the mystery of the pond. The top of the pond hinted at thriving life under the lily pads and aquatic plants. Nocturnal creatures moved underneath the surface, revealed by the occasional ripple or bubble.

Although I had no idea of what moved deep within the pond or the forest, I felt safe, expectant and alive. I reflected the night magic.

So the symbol reminds us that what we see is always only part of the whole.

Our visual perception is only one part of witnessing: we need to listen, smell, taste and touch what is around us. The more dimensional our assessment of a situation, the more profound our ability to react and receive.

Do not be afraid of what is unseen; be afraid of any resistance to feel or know it.

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