Dragonfly Studio- Day of the Dead decorScorpio Season

When the Sun moves through the sign of Scorpio, the invitation to dive deep can expand.

Whether or not this captures you depends on what the invitation entails. Feelings can overwhelm or hit a fever pitch. Common associations with Scorpio are “intense, passion, power, control and focus”.

Depending on how north you live, trees may be bare or bright with fiery colors. Nature provides a backdrop of contrast and drama which mirrors the energetic vibrations at play.

Whether or not you like opera, it is an analogy for the stage of this season.

We sense something is about to happen, we are absorbed in the layers of the drama and we move through a controlled environment that leads us to a crescendo.

Although on the surface it is simply the stasis of one season before it fades into another, there is a quickening at hand.

With Scorpio, we sense the potential for transformation— the question is, are we up to the task? Extremes occur; emotions hit high and low notes, sometimes concurrently. Listen with care because not everything is at an audible decibel, but it can still be observed.

There may be a charge over the next day or so to take action or grab an opportunity, if you choose.