candle-darknessForecasts 3/19 

We are in the gathering energy of the Pisces New Moon, which in spite of the soft qualities many associate with the sign, packs a powerful punch.

I will discuss this New Moon farther in the post about it, but keep in mind that it occurs just before the Spring Equinox (the New Year in many earth-based religions) and is also a Solar Eclipse.

So at this time of the Dark of Moon, you are in a rich period to till the soil of your imagination. What creative design for your future would you like to take root?

This can be an actual project or something seemingly less in your direct control, like a romantic partner. This is ultimate dreamtime, so give yourself some time to swim in it.

You can do this with a supportive friend or in a group. Definitely if you’re in the Rye area, come to my New Moon Gathering!

Whether solo or in company, you magnify your ability to make your goals achievable when you recognize your intentions at the New Moon. Before it actually happens, you have the opportunity to clarify your goals and put muscle into their unfoldment.

Lovely day to lean forward with expectation for what is to come: dance, pray, love.
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