IMG_3398Forecast 5/22

You might be “in love with love” today or at least on a creative high, especially if water signs are prevalent in your horoscope: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.

The Pisces Moon makes planetary connections that reflect a strong sense of possibility, coupled with the fuel to obtain it. It is best to have an uninterrupted flow – that means as few distractions as you can manage.

I recently started using an app for the Mac called “self-control” which has been a fabulous help in abating the impulse to google any thought that flies into my head. If I think it’s important, I’ll jot down the thought to research later. It’s of note how seldom I actually pick up the pen to follow through with that thought.

Since the Pisces Moon is buttressed by major yang energy today, it highlights how empowering it can be to stay the course. Our minds endlessly distract us and although some tangents are truly inspired, many are snares to tease us away from the gold that is more deeply hidden.

The only way to get to the gold is to edit out the mockingbird calls. Much as I love technology, when a face from the past surfaces or a recipe for tonight’s dinner pops into my head, the impulse to satisfy the need to know immediately has never been so compelling as now with the internet.

Anyone who has ever achieved excellence in a practice, whether it’s music, athletics, art or meditation, knows that it cannot happen if one gives into the distraction. So whatever mockingbird may call you, stay the course to achieve the goal. That’s the way you’ll break through the code. The results may not come through today, but they will come.

Gandhi_spinningThe “self-control” app if you’re interested

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