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September 11, 2017: Astrology Forecast

Today starts with a void-of-course moon in Taurus. We’ve in a news cycle about hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and North Korea’s experimentation. You may feel overwhelmed, exhausted and even a bit numb. Take care of yourself physically: exercise, walk in the woods, eat a nourishing meal and/or get a massage.

It’s very important to get into your body today. Get out of your head which can take you on a continual spin through recycled thoughts.

Once the moon enters Gemini at 3:29 PM ET, more messages can come through the media. If you’re nicely grounded in your body, you won’t be as thrown by all the chatter.

This is a day that begs for reflection and to solidify what you value most in life. Check in with my youtube channel in the late afternoon when the week’s forecast posts.

I wish you peace and calm.