Services / Programs

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1:1 Consultation

Private Consultations

Telephone sessions/Skype and/or recordings are available for astrology/tarot. Pamela presently sees clients in person in Chapala Mexico or in NYC when in the States. 

Chart Your Course

Make the most of your efforts and find situations that support your actions, whether for your business or personal life. You’ll finish the 90-minute consultation with a sense of validation, purpose, and direction.

Find Your Exact Birth Time

What if you don’t have your exact time of birth? Learn how you can get it, or what it means in the session if you don’t have it.

1:1 Deeper Work

Targeted Insight

Commit to yourself with Targeted Insight. It is designed to get your goals in motion. Let’s ensure that your passion and desire is in sync with the ebb and flow of your process. Targeted Insight allows sustainability for both long and short-term goals.

Essential Insight

Commit to yourself with Essential Insight. Over the course of 6 weeks, how to implement tools for everyday success and long term goals. You gain from the insight astrology provides and strengthen your intuitive awareness. We start this personal work at an auspicious time in the lunar cycle. 

Work in Community

Develop Your Art of Insight

Learn the Keys of the Tarot to ​have a trusted resource in your pocket. The 22 Keys of the Major Arcana can guide you in all aspects of your life. With this as a foundation, further study of tarot, astrology, numerology or any metaphysical art becomes much easier.