Astrology To Propel Your Business


Picture this: You get invited to a business event in another city that’s within driving distance.

You make sure you’re free on that date…

…and the next step to plan your trip? You figure out how to get there.

Whether it’s mapquest, GPS, bus or train–your first action is to figure out the best and shortest route to get to you to your destination.

Before embarking on any journey, your first step is to chart your course.

Can you imagine how much more difficult it would be if you just jumped in the car and headed in the general direction of the event without a map or plan?

Crazy right?

But that’s how most people are going through life and working in their business.

Let’s Chart Your Course and use my expertise in astrology to propel your business!

You don’t have to know astrology yourself to benefit from expert results.

I help people take the right actions at the right time in their business. They use the flow of events instead of work against them.

Make the most of your efforts and find situations that support your actions, whether for your business or personal life.

In the Chart Your Course 90 minute session we cover:

Timing  Your birth information allows me to draft the blueprint of potential for you. I can provide the best times to take action in your business, to launch programs, or start a project.

Know the right time to push forward and when it’s wise to back off. This saves you time, money PLUS you benefit from the best outcome for your efforts.

Money What issues stand in the way of you getting the compensation you deserve? We’ll look at where you may limit your potential based on past patterns and map out how you can modify that.

Allow me to outline strategies for you to best work with the energy that’s available to you.

Connection You know how you see you, but do you know what others respond to in you? This information is invaluable if you sell something. Most people do have to sell something; in a job interview, what you sell is yourself.

Even if the “product” is you, your ability to sell yourself has everything to do with your success. I will help you create the environment that makes it easy for others to connect to you.

Guidance on your purpose what did you come to the earth to do? Is your work supporting your soul’s vision?

You’ll finish the session with a sense of validation, purpose, and direction.

The Chart Your Course session happens over the phone.

To get started Charting Your Course, click the button below. After you make your payment, you’ll be sent to my online scheduler to make your appointment. You’ll also receive a brief questionnaire to let me know the specific issues in your business that you want guidance on.

I look forward to working with you!

Special Price for the Year of the Dog: $300