Rapid change and irrevocable transformation: 

Are you feeling unmoored? 

Have your priorities and/or direction changed? 

Do you know where you are headed and why?

Do you want more confidence about present endeavors and how that affects your future?  Consider the benefits of…

Essential Insight

Better Decision-Making, Inner Knowing, and Conscious Presence

Gives You the Benefits of Private Sessions Plus Specific Timing Guidance for a Period of Time to Maximize Opportunity or Focus on Positive Change

Essential Insight shows you how to implement tools for everyday success and long term goals. You gain from the insight astrology provides and strengthen your intuitive awareness. We start this personal work at an auspicious time in the lunar cycle. 

Once you enroll, you’ll schedule an individual 45-minute call so that Pamela can help you tailor that strategy to your unique design. Within a few days, you get a guided meditation and a lunar workbook to help you map out a strategy over the next 6 weeks. 

How Essential Insight works and what’s included:

  • We take inventory. When you enroll, you receive a simple inquiry form. Find a comfy chair and respond in your present moment. Don’t overthink it. You supply your birth information and together we will unearth your personal design.
  • Initial connection call of 45 minutes – this grounds us in what your goal is for this commitment; you may have a specific vision or we may find it in conversation. I use your horoscope to help you use these 6 weeks to maximum potential. We create a strategy supported by astrological timing.
  • A calendar to keep you on target – This supplies lunar positions as well as other pertinent celestial influences in tandem with your personal goals. Post it where you can see it daily to vision your course of action (and times of inaction.)
  • Email links of the weekly energetic forecasts through astrology – mp3 ActiveSpirituality.Life
  • Email check-in — On Mondays I send a check-in email, to see if you need any help to navigate weekly goals, such as questions for the best time or to update based on new situations.
  • 1 additional individual guidance call — You schedule this 45-minute call during the 6-week program. This allows Pamela to supply specific support for your goals and concerns.
  • Essential Insight can be set for one 6 week period or set for automatic renewal. The program may be discontinued at any time but no refunds issued once the first conversation has occurred for the cycle.

To determine if this program is right for you, please contact Pamela or set up a phone call with her through this link. A brief conversation helps to ensure that Essential Insight is the right fit for you. Pamela has other programs, but this is unique since it offers you an individual and community experience.

  • Please choose your payment plan:
If you prefer to register by sending a check, please contact Pamela for registration instructions.

Pamela Cucinell forecasts astrology information in plain English. With deep roots in NY, she now lives in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico.

For many years, Pamela participated as a speaker at the annual educational seminars for NCGR National Council for Geocosmic Research in NYC. She owned a metaphysical wellness center and served as the resident astrologer at Wainwright House in Rye, NY. Aside from a lively consulting practice, Pamela presently co-directs the Westchester Holistic Network WHN.

Pamela strives to validate, inspire, and provide insight to her clients through astrology and her skill with the tarot. A former storefront owner, Pamela is particularly adept at correlating business with astrological timing. Pamela is a certified NCGR consulting astrologer. A Reiki Master, she imbues each session with healing energy. Pamela has a weekly podcast you can find on ActiveSpirituality.Life with master healer Suzy Meszoly, through which she provides the week's forecast.