Private Consultations

Pamela offers telephone, Skype and Zoom sessions for astrology/tarot.

Sessions are by appointment only.

What if you don’t have your exact time of birth? How can you get it, or what does that mean in the session? 

“The psyche is the greatest of all cosmic wonders and the ‘sine qua non’ of the world as an object. It is in the highest degree odd that Western man, with but very few – and ever fewer – exceptions, apparently pays so little regard to this fact. Swamped by the knowledge of external objects, the subject of all knowledge has been temporarily eclipsed to the point of seeming nonexistence.” G.G. Jung, 1946

This quote opens the film “Matter of Heart” from 1986. At the time I was deep in the study of the tarot and astrology. Jung’s merger of metaphysics, art and psychology continues to inform my work.