2/28/2010 The Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 11:38 am. This highlights your ability to bring your spiritual, creative self more into your day-to-day life. How did this work for you in the past months? Do you feel more balanced in Mind, Body & Spirit?

The Full Moon throws light on any shadows that may hold you back from realizing a more satisfying daily life. Take the time to envision how this would look for you and what you might do to bring it into reality. Jot down your thoughts then choose one thing that’s already in motion that you can work on in the next couple of weeks.

beach footprints ©Cucinell

Virgo’s lesson is to start with a small step. If you look at the Big Picture exclusively, you can get overwhelmed. Remember that each small step is part of the process of realizing that Big Picture.

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