The February 26, 2017 eclipse occurs at 9:58 AM ET at 8°12″ Pisces.

This New Moon offers the chance to massage the message*; Pisces communicates on channels other than simply verbal. Although there may be an assertive thrust that seems to declare one thing, another message can be transmitted.

There is a Mars/Uranus configuration that makes this eclipse extremely volatile. Mars /aggression + Uranus/ unexpected = volatility. Definitely put an intention for more peace in your New Moon work.

Since the Mars/Uranus picture is in the 12th House (set for the Washington DC), a hidden agenda may come together around this time. This seems to indicate even less mobility for Mr. Trump, although we may see more of his wife, Melania.

solar eclipse, dc, february 26, 2017
Wedged between the February 10 Lunar Eclipse and this one, a protest throughout the USA occurs on February 17, the premise of which is to demand respect for the Constitution.

Part of the volatility this eclipse suggests is continued aggression and discontent within the US, especially divisions within its citizens. Certainly healthcare, BLM, immigration and fossil fuels are part of this. Healthcare and the people’s hopes and wishes looks huge. Add to this some further spin on the President’s taxes and investments coming up.

Glancing at the horoscope for the UK, there also seems some sort of upset. Every country, city and business has a horoscope and unfortunately, we usually only have time to study them AFTER an event occurs,

Even more sobering, is the Solar Eclipse set for Standing Rock, ND. I truly feel that part of this Uranus/Pluto shift that began in the early 21st century, is for the First People to have their place in the mythology of the USA founders. We must shine light on this deep Shadow in the US history and foundation.

In other words, the reverence and proper reading of the Constitution can only be appreciated when the US makes atonement and invites the Indian nations to co-govern the land and its resources. Not an overnight process.

Yet until we reconcile the genocide, theft and disregard for those who truly lived as one with the land, we continue to be dismembered from the Earth. This is not only true for the USA, but for all countries. But since the USA is bigger, louder and heading for its Pluto Return, we can expect that its reckoning time.

The Standing Rock eclipse has Mars and Uranus Rising, directly opposite Jupiter (representative of justice) in Libra. US Veterans are at Standing Rock and continue to gather (Mars symbolizes among other things, a nation’s armed forces).

Mars, Uranus and Eris (goddess of discord – more about her to come) form a Grand Cross with Pluto in the 10th house (the President) and Vesta in the 4th (not seen in this chart, she’s at 20°Cancer). Vesta, the goddess of the hearth, is often strong in a horoscope with explosive results. Because she is in such tension and in the 4th which symbolizes “the land”, this standoff is sure to be significant for some time.

Whatever happens in Standing Rock as we head to the Solar Eclipse of February 2017 will further fuel future action. I do not foresee this cause getting extinguished; if anything, it grows exponentially.

With so much 12th House activity in both the Standing Rock and DC horoscopes, we cannot see but we can suspect the behind-the-scene machinations. Of deep concern is the possibility of orchestrating a disaster so that further “protection from terrorism” is required.

Fortunately, the Pisces stellium and Venus in Aries indicate that concentrated meditation, intention and prayer can tip the scales to truth. But don’t stop at that, letters and voices in unison raise the vibration. We all have our homework to do. The counterbalance to Fear is Love.

Since people are now watching the news, public addresses and town hall meetings with the fervor they used to devote to “Survivor”, it may be hard to imagine something even more pivotal occurs. But eclipses ignite, especially the Solar Eclipse. Nothing overt may occur that day, yet the ongoing effects are to be watched. Pay attention to what is presented, no matter how fleeting.

For yourself, the intention of showing up matters. For instance, in the next couple of weeks, go to an event that puts you with the people, cause or industry you want to join. Even if you don’t see immediate success, you want to believe it’s in the state of becoming. Your intention matters and the results will eventually be seen.

If you’ve not yet seen my entire 2017 forecast, you can find it here — be sure to follow the thread at the bottom, because the entire forecast consists of about 6 posts.

*A spin on the words of Marshall McLuhan’s prescient perceptions. McLuhan should be required reading for every high school student (unlikely with Betsy DeVos as head of Department of Education).

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