solar eclipsAstrologers of a certain age recall Donovan’s “Season of the Witch” when eclipse season comes.

I think it’s partly because of the assonance between witch and eclipse, but it’s also the sense of the unknown and mystical in the song. The lyrics fluctuate between looking outside and looking within.

The ancients found eclipses terrifying because it appeared that the Sun was being devoured by a sky dragon.

They had no way of understanding what was happening, although astrologers (who were the same as astronomers at the time) used their knowledge to influence and advise.

Even though we now know the science of eclipses and exactly when they occur, something happens within the universal psyche that results in actual events.

Don’t overdo during an eclipse- it’s usually not recommended to begin your New Moon venture on the day of, and this is especially true when it’s a Solar Eclipse. Many people feel an emotional spike at this time— be kind to yourself and others.

If the eclipse occurs around your birthday, this is most likely a big year for you.

Pay attention to messages, how you react and things you notice at this time. Want to ramp up the intentions? Join me for tonight’s New Moon Gathering at Wainwright House.

Eclipses may shake us up a bit, but as Donovan sings: look outside your window and look inside your window. The link to the complete post is below, if you didn’t already receive it.

What are your eclipse experiences? What illumination comes through?

For the complete prophecy of the 2016 Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse Supermoon

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