©Cucinell 2014

©Cucinell 2014

Forecast 3/20

When a New Moon happens to be a Solar Eclipse, the Moon is in the center of the Sun and Earth to create a shadow. Where you are on the planet determines whether or not darkness occurs from your perspective. This morning’s eclipse will be witnessed in Europe, but the symbolic effects reverberate regardless of the visual impact.

The Moon is backlit from the Sun; this is the side of the Moon we never see, the side we refer to as “dark”.  So the Moon (symbolic of emotion, mood and the Soul) is bathed in the light of the Sun. This indicates that the opportunity to receive an epiphany is possible.

This can be a sudden revelation, a sense of direction or an idea. The light goes on in the unconscious, perhaps just for a second. In the sign of Pisces, it may be about a creative spark or the drive towards Love.

In spite of the snows in the northeast, the eclipse right before the equinox signals that the thaw is upon us and the gush of spring will flow quickly in a short time. See this as a metaphor as well as a physical reality.

More about the solar eclipse before the Spring Equinox….

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