Dinner-TableForecast 1/14

Although the Cancer Moon sails through the challenges indicated by Uranus and Pluto, this is still a good day to accomplish set goals. Don’t forget to eat, even though you might have a full calendar. Sit, chew, contemplate. It is restorative and respectful to your body.

Keep aware of people around you, especially in the early afternoon when so much seems to be happening. It is important to note your surroundings and your reactions. When the immediate demands for attention seem great, we can forget the basics. Look both ways. Breathe!

Towards early evening, feelings may get tromped as demands increase. Sometimes its hard to keep perspective if you’re too close. Back away and get some space from the situation. A cool head and studied judgment may turn things to your advantage.

This is the day before the Full Moon, so the momentum is keen to bring certain matters to completion or reevaluation.

You can use this energy most effectively by avoiding any sense of overwhelm. Rather move as decisively as feels right. Accept the pieces that are not in your control and keep your emotions in check.

A comforting dinner and restful evening supplies the necessary respite.  ©Cucinell 2014- all rights reserved

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