bicycle ride 1900Forecast 7/12 

Check out the neighborhood with today’s Gemini Moon, whether it’s your own or one you are passing through.

Bike, walk or whatever mode of transit allows you to see variations in the landscape and find “what’s new”. You may not want to feel that idle time is spent, but instead like you have a purpose to your explorations.

There are many possibilities to what may seem like restless seeking, and one of them is a meditation in itself. Sometimes when focus seems illusive, the antidote is movement.

A new perspective often helps to “reboot” the psyche. If an attachment to something weighs you down, this might be an opportunity to consider the long-term consequences of continuing to hold it.

A Sun/Uranus picture indicates that sudden events or out-of-the-blue ideas are possible, which may or may not have lasting effects.

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