IMG_0805_2Forecast 1/6

The Moon enters Leo at 6:03 a.m. which may bring in a new dynamic.

Leo is fire energy with a tendency to hold fast. With Mercury, Venus and Mars now in Aquarius, attention is required.

You may find that someone needs to be recognized; it could be you or someone close to you. How demanding the force is depends on your personal horoscope.

Nonetheless, you can use the next couple of days to stir your inner fire and passion, even though it may not be an easy process. This is highly creative, so writers, artists and actors can use this time constructively. Even if this is not directly what you do, we all benefit from creative source when conveying a concept.

Test the waters in conversation. Sometimes we are not clear on how we’ll come across until we get a reaction. Check in and determine what is most important for you to express at this time, then find a way to make it happen.

Give yourself a treat this evening: flowers, an after-holiday gift or cultural event; whatever works with your budget that you don’t usually think to give yourself.

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