Spring Equinox 2017 / Aries Ingress

When the Sun enters Aries at 0° at the Spring Equinox, it kicks off the New Zodiacal Year, which for astrologers, is the true New Year.

Because the Sun is in direct relation to the Earth’s axis at the Aries Ingress, this is the true spark of New Beginnings and the Fresh Start of the Earth’s journey around the Sun. January 1 is a date imposed on us, without geocosmic considerations.

March 20, 2017 at 6:29 AM ET begins our zodiacal year and therefor has a particular resonance with a chart cast for Washington DC. Because this chart is Pisces Rising, it echoes the February 26 eclipse. 

Neptune rises in Pisces, which increases the potential for deceit and confusion, as well as possibilities for increased social movements. The overall packed first house suggests that the concerns of the country’s prosperity and health(care) will be the emphasis. Water rights and issues continue to be a focus. Since the Rio Grande is a natural border between the USA and Mexico, how it conforms to the reality of a “wall” can be an ongoing discussion.

There is a hard aspect from the Moon (10th house) to the Sun (1st house). Since the Sun and the 10th house represent the leader in a mundane/event chart and the Moon and 1st house represent a country’s inhabitants, this could go two ways.

The US president could start to feel the overriding will of the people and the people (especially women) could gain greater power with governing decision-making. However, the other scenario (which seems more likely with the proximity of Saturn to both the Moon and the Sun) is that the president continues to feel trapped and attacked and the people (especially women and landowners) become more visible in their demands.

Demands of the people that seem prominent in relation to this horoscope with the Moon/Saturn picture in the 10th —

  • Seniors, especially women outliving their means and services
  • Landowners and farmers challenged because of lack of clean water
  • The health and availability of food for all
  • Legislation concerns that limit the rights of women

The Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto configuration adds weight to these issues. Jupiter expands what it influences, and the unexpected (symbolized by Uranus) surges in the economy, benefit some but not all. This adds to the “time is up!” pressure that traditional corporations and institutions experience (Pluto in Capricorn).

Mars in the 2nd house seems to benefit the military and dealings with other countries. Yet the voice of women (Venus and Mercury in Aries) gains strength throughout the year.

Since President Donald Trump’s personal horoscope shows his Full Moon straddles the 4th/10th house cusp of the Spring Equinox, he continues to feel the pressure of the people.

Even though his personal horoscope no longer has the direct effect of the Saturn transit, he still experiences the limits and pressures of the planet because of the mundane charts. Now that he’s the President, he carries a heavier energetic load.

Therefore the Saturn influence on the Moon not only suggests issues with women citizens, but also FLOTUS and her surrogate, Ivanka. These women probably heavily feel the restrictions and pressures of their roles within the presidency. With Chiron (the wounded healer) also in the mix, a need to heal the wound prevails. Th Saturn/Chiron picture is is not easy but it triggers drive. Melanie Trump seems dedicated to her role as a mother to Barron, above any other responsibility. Ivanka does seem to strive toward creating more women in business.

The overall tone of the Spring Equinox is one of veiled goals, coupled with frustrations and unbridled bursts. The August eclipses will fire up and reveal what now may seem a bit obscure.

For each of us, the intention of this energetic spark might be to light the inner fire of action and to proceed boldly with Love.