©Cucinell 2014

©Cucinell 2014

Forecast 3/11

A great deal is accomplished today when you map out strategy beforehand. Stay on task to bring in rewards.

This is not a morning to allow email distractions if you want to cover ground. Keep your temper in check and if someone around you has a short fuse, keep them occupied in as productive a manner as possible.

The moon is VOC/void-of-course* at 3:50 p.m. ET, after which time emotions may settle down. It’s as though the steam rises to a point that it must be released, and once it is, the atmosphere calms. Restorative time at home or in a friendly pub mends most tensions.

The moon enters the sign of Leo at 10:09 p.m. ET. For late night people this is when the fun begins. For those who don’t want to be distracted, turn the computer off early and curl up with a favorite film and/or friend.

*Moon VOC/Void-of- Course… in Cancer, be by the water, time with family or sifting through memorabilia. May be a lovely time to enjoy a picnic or meal with no time constraints