mad-tea-party_Forecast 3/7

The segue between the dream state and “reality” may take a little more time than usual this morning. As a result, what’s being said may not be actually what is going on; read between the lines.

The Gemini Moon increases one’s ability to move quickly through thoughts, especially when fire or air signs are prevalent in your horoscope.

For others, it may feel as though cell phones and computers have someone’s attention more than the flesh and blood person in the room.

Inspiration is found in neighborhood activities. If you feel stuck, get out, take a walk, call a friend. Information is there for the taking and there is value in the stimulation that you may at times find distracting.

If you find yourself in a power struggle in the evening, it may be a better idea to turn in early and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning.

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