Astrology Forecast 7/17 Over the next couple of days, the Cancer Moon suggests potential difficulties when emotional reactions erupt in conflict with authority, power or sudden events.

This has been the continuing situation when the moon is in a cardinal sign: Cancer, Libra, Aries or Capricorn. However in the sign of Cancer, hurt feelings and sensitivity may be particularly acute.

A Mars/Jupiter picture in the morning encourages the will to expand and look for potential. Avoid any tendency later in the morning to blow up or enter an argument; the winner is the person who looks to the high ground. Sometimes the best course is to walk away, but it is important to do it respectfully.

A Mars/Pluto picture indicates tension between desire and power, which can lead to struggles that benefit no one. Stand your ground but do not engage in situations that carry the potential for force in reaction to anger.

Understand your own feelings and if you’re unsettled, find a healthy outlet. Exercise, swim and/or do breathwork. Working through these feelings makes you feel incredibly strong (after they’re over).

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