Summer Solstice 2017 Astrology Forecast —

The Summer Solstice in 2017 officially begins at 12:24 AM ET on June 21, when the longest day lights the Northern latitudes. Light a candle or join a party around a bonfire at this celebratory time. It’s always good to set the intention for more symbolic light in the darkness.

Astrologers mark the Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries as the start of the zodiacal New Year. The Summer Solstice lets us know how this year is unfolding. Crops ripen and symbolic light burns away shadows as the Sun enters Cancer. Do you feel as though greater awareness has allowed you to see how your goals unfold? This is a time to take stock.

The Sun appears to stand still in the sky as it hovers over the Tropic of Cancer. While we thrive and hunger for its light, we are aware that this full brightness must ebb.

Ironically once the longest sun ray has stretched, the Sun must start its retreat when “like a crab it walks backwards”. 

This Summer Solstice is imbued with the energy of Pluto; the Taurus Moon makes a harmonious aspect with this “dwarf planet” that symbolizes irrevocable transformation. Lightweight relationships need not apply.

The Moon is void-of-course most of the day until 6:44 PM. If at all possible, make this a day you can play.

Be in the space of gestation. What are you listening for? You may or may not know. You are on the threshold of the New World.

The Summer Solstice is a spark, a strobe light of initiation. Since Pluto is a part of the picture, we are going through a deep transformation. It’s as though we enter a state of suspended anticipation. This is why meditation is advised. You cannot speed up the process. To be present in the expectation allows you to listen to what you might miss if you were simply following a to do list.

You may start to hear the hum of promise that you otherwise would miss. Things are about to change but there’s a sense of “which way?” Enjoy the not knowing. Enjoy the space you are in. Clarity will come and drop in when you give it the space to do so.

Things may start to move very quickly as of 6:44 PM ET through the next day. New Moon comes up on 6/22 – look for that post coming!