sun-winterSun in Sagittarius

When the Sun moves through the sign of Sagittarius, everything seems bigger. We start to rush towards the holiday season with its plans of parties, shopping and expectations.

The sharpness of the Sun in late afternoon can startle a driver.

The sharpness of grief or loneliness can magnify. There are degrees as to what level of care you might need; you might be overworked, underpaid or confused.

You might feel as though everything is moving along but for some reason, something seems a bit out of synch.

This year may be particularly intense, as the U.S. copes with a divided country. I have heard from clients, colleagues and friends who feel saddened, shocked and even traumatized by the election results.

Women did vote for Trump; they overlooked his statements about women or didn’t consider them relevant to his ability to serve. Others saw his win as validation for abusive behavior, especially painful for women who come from a history of sexual violation or for minorities who confront prejudice.

Whether or not these feelings are related to the election, if you or someone you know experiences a sense of being unprotected or unheard, don’t underestimate the value of comfort. The first step in stemming a hurt or numbness is to find harbor or sanctuary.

It helps to clarify and identify fear or confusion, even more so when you make it a routine to do so. Pay attention to what is needed. Music, meditation, a targeted game of tennis, a bath or a shoulder to cry— depending on your needs, any one of those might be the ticket. What does not work is to bury or deny the feeling.

Even if immediate resolution is not possible, acknowledgement can be a start to a stronger support system.