IMG_6883Forecast 7/22

A Mercury/Pluto picture in the sky may lead to challenging conversations (refer to yesterday evening’s material).

You may also experience a dream or memory that brings something to the surface. It may be fleeting or uncomfortable, but you determine how deeply you want to explore this.

Writing is a terrific method for uncovering buried material. Morning may exacerbate any unsettled feelings from the night before, especially in relationship to women and power. It may not be appropriate to voice your thoughts, but it is essential that you acknowledge them to yourself.

There is a tremendous passionate energy that can be directed toward a specific goal or target, if you’re clear on what drives you. Walk, bicycle or engage in any activity that allows you to feel more fluid and less rigid.

Flexibility leads to decisiveness. The Sun enters Leo at 5:41 p.m. ET, kicking off the vibrant summer party season. Leo loves play, romance and dramatic turns. You may want to enjoy a sparkling evening with new experiences, but set limits on activities so you can make the most of tomorrow as well.

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