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The Aries Full Moon occurs at 23°14” at 12:23 AM ET.

This is the Hunter’s Moon in the Northern Hemisphere, when the bright night sky historically enables trappers to score pelts and foods for the coming winter. Its symbolism is enhanced by the Aries’ warrior impulse; the desire to take action.

Because the Moon is lit by the Libra Sun, it reminds us that the hunter gets nowhere without game. The appreciation of the sacrifice of the animal has been overlooked in our industrial world. Be mindful of the quick purchase or seemingly effortless exchange because when we lose our gratitude, we lose our acknowledgment of each g

The work of the hunt for survival is obvious to those who still live off the land. But this Full Moon encourages reflection as to how we require in order to succeed in a hunt (whether it be for a job, partner or other goal).

maple-leafThe Sabian Symbol for this Libra Sun is “The Sight of an Autumn Leaf Brings to a Pilgrim the Sudden Revelation of the Mystery of Life and Death”.

When one embarks on a pilgrimage, they are on the road to a sacred place. The Route of Santiago do Compostela, a.k.a. El Camino through Spain and France, is an odyssey that has no specific timetable, nor is it mandatory. Those who take the journey are not necessarily looking for The Way of St. James or a Catholic experience.

el-caminoYet the act of a spiritual journey attracts them. Unlike the Hajj sacred trip to Mecca that is required of Muslims, there are pilgrimages motivated by nothing more than a fierce need to seek.

In the States, the Appalachian Way or Pacific Crest Trail can be ways to connect with the intangible.

What arrests me about this Sabian Symbol is that the pilgrim’s revelation comes without necessarily reaching the destination. It is our willingness to be alert to the experience of the journey that leads to enlightenment.

You may not be able to take a week or month for a walkabout or pilgrimage, but every journey is a sacred experience: whether to the bank, your commute to work or a visit to your mother.

Regardless of where life takes you today, listen and look for the revelation. Every day is an opportunity to connect to the numinous. For those of us lucky enough to be around the glory of deciduous trees in autumn, find a leaf and let it take you to a new page within yourself.

curtainsThe Aries Moon’s Sabian Symbol is “Blown Inward by the Wind, the Curtains of an Open Window Take the Shape of a Cornucopia”.

Since the Aries Moon is lit by the Libra Sun, keep in mind that every person in your life is a teacher.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how a chance encounter can show you more about yourself. It’s also tough to recognize what someone you know well can show you that’s different from your habit.

Still, consider the banquet of information you’ve learned because of the people in your life. Let it fill you.

If a relationship has a heaviness about it at this time, picture the breath of a soft wind giving it some buoyancy.

It really does help to actually breathe into it. Find a quiet space and breathe into whatever heaviness you may feel. The Aries Full Moon supports the expression of the individual through relationships.

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