Take Good Care

A Taurus Moon tends to enhance color, taste, smells and touch; don’t be surprised if your senses seem on hyper-alert. You may be particularly aware of your body and its comfort.

The mood is contemplative and encourages slow and methodical activity. If this is in contrast to what you’d like to make happen, friction occurs.

On the other hand, you may be totally mellow, but someone else seems to short-circuit on you.

The tendency to erupt increases in the evening, so if you notice that a pot has been on slow simmer, disengage before the blow-up.

If it’s unavoidable, hear out the grievance in its entirety. Anything that needs to be said should be throughly digested by all parties before any attempt is made to clear the air.

A good night’s rest is the best antidote and sleep may be particularly sound after words. This is augmented by a comfortable bed and clean sheets.

Without a comfortable sleeping arrangement, you may toss a bit in the night. Inspirations may fly by; be prepared to jot them down but don’t attempt analysis until the morning.