plantTake Stock

Big shifts are not always caused by bold moves. Steady, incremental consistency adds up over time.

If your comfort zone encourages you to stay with the sure thing rather than a leap or risk, then trust the process.

If on the other hand, every cell in your body screams for daring action and you won’t take it, the time has come to examine that. You don’t have to act today or even this month, but put that on your list to consistently revisit.

When you take the time to chew an idea or dream, you give it a chance. Digest the possibilities.

If you never write it down or noodle it around with trusted allies, you cut it at its first shoot. Not every scheme has the potential to come to full flower.

When you dare to share it with those who encourage its growth, you may discover that what seemed impossible to do alone has more support than you knew.