The_Bath_taurus moonForecast 11/15 Keep your body in step with your head, especially in the early morning. Exercise to get any impatience out of your system.

If things are going the way you would like, flow increases once the moon enters Taurus at 9:49 am ET.

A Venus/Pluto picture makes this a powerhouse day for those who have a clear-eyed agenda in mind. If you don’t feel quite up to the task, start your morning with a concise to-do list. Your sense of accomplishment increases as you cross things off it.

Once accomplished,  you can either create another list or enjoy a meal that you chew carefully and savor. So often we rush through food or eat unconsciously. Tonight allow yourself to really taste what you eat, be thankful for its arrival on your table and the comfort that food provides.

It’s also a lovely time to deepen into your sexuality, whether with a partner or without. Celebrate the beauty of your body in whatever way is comfortable for you. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

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