Full moons often feel “big” and some are better aspected than others for completion and culmination of a thought or project. This particular day may feel loaded but not necessarily satisfying. Therefore it’s important to give yourself a sense of fulfillment, regardless of judgment. For instance, plan a dinner party or enjoy a cultural event in the evening.

Another act of self-love is to cross something off your list. Yes, something that you haven’t done yet; ideally something that you feel guilty every time you see on the list but is not essential to your well-being. Cross it off your “to do” list. You may decide to jot it down again at the next New Moon or it may be something that you will never do. The important thing is that you take it off your psychic yoke… at least for now.

The Taurus Full Moon occurs 3:16 pm ET at 18°Taurus 05”. The Sabian Symbols for these degrees are: “A newly formed continent” for the Moon and “A parrot listening and then talking” for the degree of the Sun. When I picture these images, I see Hope, but its adversary, ironically is Denial.

The full moon in Taurus shines on our beautiful Blue Planet. To think in terms of a “new continent” is to remember theories about how our present geography was formed. If indeed our continents took shape through a shift of the poles, earthquakes, colliding asteroids, and/or Ice Age and thaws, then we might find the first phrase scary. However if we see it in symbolic terms, like the rising of Atlantis, then it indicates a brave, new world. On the other side, the parrot listens- but does the parrot “think”?

Traditionally we view someone who “parrots” as someone who repeats something without any thought behind it. This is the cloud of denial that can obstruct truth. At this time of the full moon it is important to allow your inner light to look clearly at issues to do with finances and to “take stock”. There is danger in thinking “what I don’t see won’t hurt me”. When the new venture (continent) presents itself, listen. When you talk, ask deeper questions. No one wants to be a parrot. Yet that “new continent” will not stay in place without listening and talking and spreading the word. Anyone who has ever known a parrot will tell you how smart they are, but it also depends on to whom that parrot listens.

When forging a “new continent”, like when the U.S. began, the hope and dreams of the founders is essential, but also decisions must be made. In the U.S. history, most treatment of the indigenous people swelled with Denial. Fulfilling the aspirations of the new settlers was at the expense of the native population. This happened due to blatant denial of the latter’s human rights. That’s why the ideal occurs when decisions take into consideration the balance between Hope and Denial.
At this critical point in our spiritual evolution, the more people in the camp of responsible growth, the greater the health of our planet.

Decide your commitment to growth and then take steps towards it. This Full Moon on the heels of Neptune Direct and before the mythical: 11.11.11, is a time of ripe intention. To quote Thomas Paine: “Lead, follow or get out of the way”. When a  full moon shows aspects of tension and frustration, it is like a woman who’s pregnancy is overdue… something must come forth. It may not flow, but it’s got to happen.

Mars enters Virgo, initiating a cycle well positioned for a change in a health or exercise routine. You may also feel a call for volunteering or service over the next couple of months. This bodes well for practical application.

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