April 22 is Earth Day and in 2020, the Taurus New Moon at 10:26 PM ET, promises a fresh start.

The sign of Taurus is linked to Venus, the planet that symbolizes love, sensuality and our values. It also reflects our relationship with money and possessions.

This is a fertile New Moon – as it moves through the sky, a geometric picture with Uranus in Taurus ignites inspiration potential. Uranus is the change agent, and in Taurus – the Earth now responds to its release from the constant energetic assault of humans.

Sea turtle babies proliferate on beaches freed from our intrusion. Goats and kangaroos cavort down empty streets; videos of these creatures have delighted those sheltering in place.

Sea Turtle symbolizes good luck. It is estimated only 1 in 1,000 make it to adulthood. They hatch in sand and then scuttle to the waves; easy prey for predators in flight, dune vehicles and careless humans.

If they make it to the sea, the baby turtles are tasty bits for larger fish as they swim to survive. Motorboats can decimate them. Because of their 1 in 1,000 odds, an adult sea turtle is considered fortunate, one of nature’s miracles. The increase in their birth rate and potential survival odds due to the pandemic, is verification of the brilliant regenerative ability of the Earth.

Kangaroos can only jump forward. They cannot go backwards. Let’s consider what a leap forward for humankind would be after we come out of the enforced hermitage imposed by COVID-19.

The air is sweet in Los Angeles, New York, London and New Delhi.

The “ultimate gaslighting” as referred to in this provocative article threatens our evolution if we rush back to “business as usual” once the lock-in lifts. Marketers and “the economy” will be quick to seduce us back to consumerism and instant gratification.

After all, when 9/11/2001 changed the world, in time many people were lulled into a new normal of heightened security and surveillance.

But as Pluto moves to its birth position on the United States horoscope, its laser intensity will not let up. For anyone who has gone through a Pluto transit as an individual, you know that it was a “take no prisoners” experience. Life is not the same after it’s over.

In 2001 there were two eclipses before 9/11, part of a Saros cycle. These are eclipse patterns that repeat every 19 years, and they will again this summer 2020. The outer planets keep moving, so their relationship to these eclipses is different than it was in 2001.

Nonetheless, there is an echo to that time which is of specific impact to the U.S. In spite of what happened in 2001 and then in 2008, corporations, banks, governments and other institutions clung to outworn systems. When Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 and the stock market crashed, the footfall of the goat began its relentless path.

Pluto’s lessons cannot be dodged. It symbolizes the revelation of that which we suppress. As it asserts its way into our consciousness, we must integrate the awareness (which means irrevocable transformation) or pretend it’s not happening until it inevitably does.

As Saturn moved through Capricorn from 2018 – 2020, some governments chose to strengthen boundaries and beat the drum for nationalism. This was a primitive reaction to a transit that requires commitment to goals and heightened responsibility. It ignored the steady erosion of Pluto’s influence on the status quo.

Pluto digs under the surface of the areas of life symbolized by the sign it travels. Anything that has outlived its unconscious influence is ready for demise. We cannot fight the inevitable, although many do.

Saturn has moved into Aquarius, (although will dip back into Capricorn in early July). On April 22, 2020 it jogged the Taurus Moon before it is exactly New. This is significant because in the Dark of Moon period, before we start the New Moon energy, we are urged to take responsibility for our emotional landscapes.

The NY Times published Esther Perel’s video  “We’re all Grieving” this day. It is spot on.

Saturn in Aquarius presents us with options to choose how we do this – as a collective and to create. When Saturn moves back into Capricorn, we can expect some last gasps for nationalism and separation, but to do so with renewed vigor will only increase global fragility.

A slow-moving planet, the late 1700s was the last time Pluto was in Capricorn. European colonialism reached its heyday. By the time Pluto in Capricorn reached the end of its run, the American and French Revolutions declared freedom from tyranny. The seeds of the Industrial Revolution started to root. Yet, the shadow underbelly of slavery and the exploitation of women and children continued to thrive.

Fast forward — after the 2008 stock market crash, the financial machines and corporate structures moved the clock back to “business as usual”… but those resistant to change can only jury-rig a broken system for so long. The Capricorn goat continues its climb, in spite of the crumbling mountain. And to what end?

We can envision the end and new beginning with this New Moon; it gets spiritual and creative juice from Neptune in Pisces. Let’s dream a new reality!

Here’s the thing — your mind can race from one piece of news or a tweet that crosses your screen. When we immerse ourselves in media stimuli, we can simulate a whole script and movie in a heartbeat. We allow it to careen into scenarios that may not serve our highest good when we need to reconstruct and imagine new possibilities.

Taurus reminds us to savor, chew slowly— not just food, but that which feeds our mind, nurtures us. Many of us feel pulled too tight, too many restrictions and not enough hugs. Nonetheless, feed your psyche with care. Limit the news, be wary of any spin that magnifies fear. Give yourself a diet of spiritual and cultural refreshment. If you cannot go outside, at least open your windows.

The heart has intelligence as well – we think that the brain is the control center, but with this Taurus New Moon, consider the heart’s intelligence.

When you can be still in Nature, you can hear the beat of your heart and the truth that is there. Each New Moon offers us an opportunity to start anew. Shelve those projects that you don’t want to carry into this lunar cycle and concentrate on what you do. If you don’t feel productive, then focus on your body. What does it need?

Habits are up for change. I’m one of those people who can’t stay in the house all day without getting antsy. This New Moon I have to find ways to move that satisfy me within my space.

Neptune vibrates to the highest octave of love, when we choose to tap into it. You can support this by playing music that makes you feel wonderful, worthy and optimistic. For years I’ve clicked on to Pharrell’s 24 hours of Happy to give me a lift, and it still does.

But now every day, collaborative videos by musicians and dancers come out to elevate our spirits. The artists need to connect and perform; performing artists cannot be trees that fall in the forest that no one hears.

The artist knows that continual practice allows the effective delivery of their message.  The performer, the artist, strives for connection – that is the need buried within their practice. Taurus is a fixed sign – it sustains the season — fixed signs oil the machine, do the maintance, keep on the task. We must keep on the task of what we want to bring to fruition.

Many people have been so busy with what they thought they should be doing prior to the pandemic, that this pause / reset has presented total reevaluation.

The Saturn–Pluto conjunction happened just one time on January 12, 2020. In retrospect, we now know that information about COVID-19 was available to the world at that time. From the NY Times “On Jan. 12, Chinese scientists published the genome of the virus, and the W.H.O. asked a team in Berlin to use that information to develop a diagnostic test. Just four days later, they produced a test and the W.H.O. posted online a blueprint that any laboratory around the world could use to duplicate it.”

For the United States, Pluto in Capricorn over the next couple of years brings a return to the “freedom from tyranny” and desire to create new structures. Pluto’s trip through Capricorn has heightened awareness of white privilege, for those willing to bring it into consciousness.

The status quo wants to separate and divide. Consider the old phrase: “be careful what you ask for… you just might get it.” The divisions and polarities have become so stark that we have manifested a virus that enforced separation.

Since we live in a Universe of duality, we must dance with the polarities. The separate camp divisions meant to protect or harbor, actually create chaos. Our Universe hums when there is the balance of opposites. Yet when any polarity becomes weighted in one direction, it inevitably forces transformation. The system cannot hold the imbalance.

I am not a scientist, but the antidote to this virus does not come from the continual separation of human beings. Although containment is advisable for a time, it is not a solution. Denial of the severity of the disease is not a solution.

The antidote comes from the merger of the heart and brain intellect. Open hearts and open minds. Countries and laboratories must share research, data and intelligence. Countries and states must share supplies.

In a divided country like the United States, the virus has the potential to unite rather than separate. This is a possible vision for your Taurus New Moon dreamscape.

As the States gain power in collective collaboration, the question may become – why give the lion’s share of taxes to a bloated federal government that does not serve the collective well? One can see a perspective of “taxation without representation”.

Thursday 4/23 through the weekend provides us with especially rich days to seed ideas, nurture dreams and anticipate new collaborations.

Taurus is linked to Venus — this is the New Moon before Venus goes retrograde on May 13 through June 25 in the sign of Gemini. Because of the retrograde, 2020 has 4 months with Venus in the sign of Gemini – until it finally crosses into Cancer in early August.

What this signifies is a deepening into how we communicate with those we love – and an opportunity to turn around communication in ALL relationships. Relationship is not just a person in your life, but also your relationship with the pieces of your psyche.

Catch the conversations in your head. How do you speak to yourself?

What do you think of people on the news, celebrities, the barking dog?

It is vital to be aware of where you channel your energy. It may be automatic to react with anger against a perceived enemy.

This reaction, even justified, does not serve you. It wears down your perception of what can be accomplished and is wasted energy. Although it’s highly constructive to have passion, direction and purpose, this Taurus Moon reminds us that whatever we give focus and energy to, magnifies.

Conspiracy theories abound. This has emboldened some to ignore the encouragements of social distance.  From a metaphysical perspective, the virus, like everything in our world — has been manufactured by our ability to dream it. The author Stephen King rues that many people feel like they are living in one of his novels. In the same way that we can create the enemy, the virus, the disparity of wealth – we can create the ally, the cure, an egalitarian society.

But first we have to turn off the noise. We have to have the heart to dream it. Can we value Love over all else?

Taurus, an earth sign – is about the reality we manifest. So on this New Moon, coupled with Earth Day – what is the reality you want to manifest?  Why take up the real estate of your mind and heart with anything other than the absolute picture of the reality you want?

It may be too hard for some of us to wrap a hated figure in the pink light of Love, but if everyone and everything in the world is truly connected, then it’s worth changing the vibration. It’s a start to lash out less. Every time your reaction is to spit fire, think about something you love. You want to spend more energy on the Love that feeds you and less energy on what infuriates or frightens you.

Jupiter expands whatever it influences. Just for today, expand into what you love.

The news will be there when you turn it on in 24 hours or so. Breathe into everything that you want more of – flowers, nature, new life, promise. Just for today, let’s compost the anger, fear, anxiety and frustration. Let difficult feelings become objects in your mind… put them in your mental compost barrel and let them cook into fresh soil.

As we dream collectively about the reality we can co-create with the Earth — do not be held back by your grief, guilt, and worry of what has already happened to the planet. If we keep ourselves shackled to our past transgressions and those of prior generations, then we cannot liberate ourselves into the construction of a fresh reality.

With this New Moon, I’d like to dream that at least 3 in 1,000 sea turtles can make it to adulthood from the litters born during this pandemic. It’s a big dream, a Jupiter dream, but 3 is the number of The Empress in the tarot, Gaia, the Earth Mother. With Neptune in Pisces, we are only limited by our hesitation to swim in unknown waters… but swim we must, because the world before us is already different.

And isn’t it time it was different? We must feel empowered to be the change agents. The power of collective dreaming is bigger than the 1%. The magic comes from learning how to coalesce the dream.

In spite of our digital tools and zoom teleconferences, we long for touch. Taurus is all about sensual touch. Whether or not you are alone at this time, give yourself some physical comfort — dress in clothes that make you feel fabulous, eat something nourishing, linger in the bath, enjoy a long yin yoga video. Give yourself a hug.

Smell, taste and touch are lost to many when affected by this virus; essential pieces in the human experience. As we move into greater technological shifts with the Aquarian Age, this pandemic gives us a tangible experience of what we do not want to lose. May we not forget that human connection, physical touch and our sensual responses are necessary components of being human.

This Taurus Moon asks you to reflect on what is of value to you. What do you need to sustain yourself in this lifetime? What goals are worth your persistence? With both Jupiter Pluto in Capricorn, the growth spurt from this New Moon can be exponential.

Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion, abundance and fortune – it amplifies whatever it touches. Consider what you’d like to enlarge in your life – even if you’ve been confined to a small apartment. You are the custodian of your consciousness.

In this information age, people are used to continual news updates, twitter feeds and facebook likes. The Taurus New Moon reminds us to savor the moment. Inspiration can shock and ignite; you determine what sudden twists and turns deserve your attention. What concepts and focus do you want to sit with and nurture over the next several weeks and beyond?

Tend the garden of your mind with care… the weeds of negativity, anxiety and grief take hold without your conscious attention. It is essential to recognize your emotional landscape. If you grapple with difficult emotions like fear or frustration, you can choose to move through it — reach out to a friend, even if you cannot touch.

Make the Most of a New Moon…