©Cucinell 2014

©Cucinell 2014

Forecast 9/15

Similar energy to yesterday, without the mixed signals of the conversation’s “depth”. However, the mood for an overall lightness of being may be somewhat at odds with your work deadlines and mandates, but this is nothing that need overwhelm you.

Put ideas into action, especially ones that already have some traction. You may feel a bit tripped up in mid-afternoon, but only if you haven’t done your homework or filed all necessary papers and forms.

The Gemini Moon often stimulates a step to see what’s happening in the neighborhood. This can mean the new cafe down the block, a yoga class or chat community. It can also mean trolling the net instead of staying on task. If you can schedule the hunt for after an obligation is met, you’ll experience greater freedom.

It may be that what you want to do cannot be reconciled with your obligations. If this is the situation, then put actual dates in your calendar to meet a friend at the cafe, to take that yoga class and to have a chat. Scheduling alleviates the sense of lack. Take the time to honor your curiosity.

The moon is void-of-course/voc* at 10:05 p.m. ET. Depending on your time zone, it is advisable to get off the computer, unless you naturally are a night owl on it.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Gemini, conversations can be particularly misunderstood; avoid important correspondence or phone calls. Gather information. Listen. Great time to clean out old emails and tidy up your desktop.

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