norman_rockwell03Forecast 11/28 Unless you’ve been outside the news for the past week you know that, this year (which won’t happen again for 70,000+), Thanksgiving Day in the States is also the day Hannukah begins.

An after midnight picture of Mercury/Jupiter may present dreams of a lovely and convivial day.

It is followed by an early morning picture between Venus/Jupiter which indicates big promises may not come through, but this needn’t ruin your day.

Look for the joy in the moment instead of a big, juicy Hallmark event. We know that Thanksgiving has a very dark side, one that was obfuscated for years since history is written by the victors.

Since Uranus and Pluto at 0° in the 1960s stirred up so many civil rights issues, including the creation of the American Indian Movement, we cannot go back to Hallmark naiveté.

Now that we move through Uranus and Pluto at 90°, it is not surprising that this year’s holiday comes on a day with difficult energy. We are in the process of transforming Thanksgiving, regardless of the desire to keep it all about parades and hype for Christmas shopping.

The essence of Thanksgiving may be to merge atonement with gratitude. Although a European American is not directly responsible for the actions of the first settlers (and many Americans’ ancestors hadn’t yet immigrated until long after the Trail of Tears), it is right and just to acknowledge the injustice of that time.

We are all responsible for perpetuating myths we know to be false.  Perhaps this is yet another layer as to why the holiday shopping thrust that buoys so much of the U.S. economy is dismantling.

Whether you celebrate Hannakuh and/or Thanksgiving or neither of them, may the Libra Moon shine on your ability to be with loved ones and to gain a sense of peace today.

How do American Indians acknowledge Thanksgiving?

How are you spending the day? I wish you warmth.  ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved