The Architecture of Fire β€”

I often visit my dear friend, the master healer Suzy Meszoly in her home in the Catskills. A Gemini, Suzy often has visitors from her community (which as an international traveler means her community is far-flung).

In the cooler weather, we enjoy her comfortable stone fireplace. Recently a fellow from CA took ownership of the fire. Each night he announced several times that he’d started it with one match. We acknowledged his efforts.

I found it curious that he expected praise from something I considered a simple task. It then dawned on me that not every child is taught how to make a fire.

As a Girl Scout, I learned how to gather and separate wood for its size and dryness. Proper construction of the tinder allows instant life to a fire once its lit.

When the Moon is in Aries, emotions burn hot and fast. There is a rush that can be utilized to fan the flames or stoke a fire β€” the difference in the phrases emphasize the importance in your focus.

When a fire is first lit, its important to feed it gradually. Taking on too much will smother it.

Once the fire takes hold, too much fuel can make it difficult to control. When passion is ignited, the message is critical.

The mood is ripe to stimulate desire, so be conscious of what fire you feed. Even the best intentions trip over their feet when the words come out wrong.