Rock Goddess ©Cucinell 2010

Rock Goddess ©Cucinell 2010

The Divine Feminine

This is a big topic— please note that I write these posts ahead of time. This edit acknowledges the U.S. election has gone to Donald Trump. We still will go through the shifts that I write about, but the American people have unconsciously voted to do so in a highly challenged way. You may not feel that female energy is gaining traction when a man who has a record of subjugating women is made president of the U.S.A. Yet this is a reaction by those who feel displaced, as well as a resistance by those who fear change. We would not witness such an extreme choice, without the growing shift to integrate the Divine Feminine throughout our world.

The role of feminine energy has been rising in our corporate-culture, power-driven, high-tech, 24/7 world. This doesn’t just mean that women are gaining clout, but it does mean that the respect for what feminine energy brings into a culture grows. It happens because without the rise of the Divine Feminine, society as we know it will collapse.

This is because only an integrated system that strives to balance polarities, creates a tension that sustains.

When one side is allowed to gain dominance, an imbalance occurs that requires adjustment. If not, it eventually tips over. In time, any imbalance hits a point where a correction and ideally integration must occur. Since the second millennium began, the need for a nurturing, creative collective gains momentum in order that human beings thrive.

Along with the rise of the feminine is backlash, as the status quo rebels against the possibility of losing its dominance.

The irony here is that the patriarchal habit reacts to this as a threat. Because without accepting the equilibrium that a balance of polarities creates, the status quo will die anyway. This happens within society, industries, institutions, families as well as within an individual.

march_on_washington_1963What does Divine Feminine mean to you? Feminine energy collaborates, creates quilts and webs.

It easily moves from childlike innocence to the wisdom of the crone. Do you think of nurturing, compassion and healing as feminine?

Or what about ferocity and courage? Hecate is the name of an ancient goddess, the midwife of birth and of death. So one quality of feminine energy is to embrace life and death. This means a holistic awareness of the arc of time here on Earth.

Regardless of your gender, what is your comfort level with the full expression of your feminine?

baby-feet-in-mother-armsPay special attention to your creative longings; often when we are ready to birth a new idea or fruit, we need to accept the death of the old way. The Divine Feminine is your spiritual midwife.

There is a reason why women are taught to use breath during a birth. If you feel a tightness, hesitancy, shame or fear, breathe into another moment in time and experience the shift, no matter how fleeting.

Fear, shock and hesitation are not feelings that need to last— yet in order to move through them, we must breathe! Focus on the well of Love within you. The more deeply you connect with this Source, the stronger its impact.

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