The Dream Crystallizes

The radical shift of the U.S. election brought a mandate for profound change. Those whose votes steered the course were people who looked to candidate Trump as “a strong man” (quote from my mother).

Yes, I’ve spent a lifetime with a couple of people I love who don’t see the world as I do. It’s made me diplomatic, but it also makes me separate camps when needed.

Some people simply voted for anyone but Hillary.

As I write this, Kanye West has stated that if he had voted, he would have voted for Trump. More than half of U.S. voters don’t vote. Some of them cannot take the time off work or can’t figure out the absentee ballots or get thwarted when they try.

Others think voting doesn’t matter. They may be wealthy like Kanye and feel the system is rigged.

Yet the aide who commutes 3 hours one way on mass-transit to care for my mother-in-law voted as an absentee since she knew she couldn’t get to the booth during her work day. She voted on faith because she does not have the luxury to think the system is rigged.

For her, the vote is like a prayer. Since the planet Neptune (symbolizing the highest octave of love) goes direct today, it’s worth a question— what would the outcome of an election look like if all citizens voted as a prayer/ intention instead of as a reaction or in fear or anger?

What would the outcome look like if all citizens voted? When such a large part of a country’s citizens are not included, aren’t the results skewed?

I won’t go on about politics at present; you get enough of that through the news.

The focus today is how your thoughts do create your reality. Many people who voted in this past election were driven by negative thoughts against the other candidate. When those thoughts become BIGGER than the positive thoughts about the candidate voted for, it tips the scales in favor of the negative.

What we think about most, happens.

I will offer astrology perspective on the chosen cabinet/staff in the coming weeks. But know that today you can crystallize your dream— so if you are concerned about what is happening to the U.S., put your focus on change of your making.

See yourself as an integral part of a larger whole. Imagine what is possible in spite of the odds. Connect with like-minded people. Organize, vision and share camaraderie. Whether you come together to make music or art or envision dynamic potential, it is all within the realm of possibility when you take action.

If your dream at present feels a bit nightmarish, reach out to those who love you. You can turn that nightmare around. No matter how daunting it seems, you can be the architect of your tomorrow.

Sweep out cobwebs of confusion. Move in any way that’s appropriate for your body: march, hug, dance. run. Find a joyous venue to buoy up your sense of limitless love— spiritual community and/or cultural expression.