Forecast 8/21

You may find that you drive hard when the Moon is in Scorpio. At this time many with Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and taurus prominent in the horoscope may feel a need to step up to the plate and don’t feel a heck of a lot of support.

If you feel a strong desire to accomplish something, then put it in motion, even if it feels the task is impossible or no one is listening.

There is a Sun/Saturn picture in the sky which indicates it is possible for you to better understand what the barriers are. This information although it may initially stop you in your tracks or cause you to rethink your format will in the end put you in a more stable position.

However you may not get that knowledge without first starting the project. If fear stops you from beginning it truncates any potential for growth.

After you gain the tangible information required you may need to make some adjustments. But this allows realization of the goal.

Good day to solve a mystery, engage in intimate conversations and financial planning.

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