banksyThe Goddess is in the Details

To spring from yesterday’s post and my art background bias, the phrase “devil in the details” has never struck home.

“Details” form the architecture of art: whether 3-dimensional or not.

A painting without archival media will deteriorate in time. A cake without proper measurements doesn’t rise or taste right. The intention may be that the piece is ephemeral; anyone familiar with the graffiti art of Banksy knows that timeless installation is not the motivation.

Yet details are essential, even when transitory. How a message is delivered can have more impact than the actual content.

When a thought is conveyed, especially in the moment so much hinges on the method.

As Americans have their fill of candidate exposure, much attention is paid to what a person wears, eats, how they react and who is in their camp. The overall message and mission of the candidate may not have as much impact as the details that a voter latches on to when blackening their ticket.

Think about what you want to make happen and focus on the achievable piece for today.

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