IMG_1963Forecast 9/10

Creativity and strong self-expression may delight and inspire.

You may find yourself on a new journey that excites and stimulates. The potential snare occurs if it takes you down a road that is contrary to a deadline or prior obligation.

No matter how enticing a side road may be, if you shirk a responsibility, a reckoning may be due. This is not necessarily a bad thing; you may be enmeshed in a commitment that is not in your best interest and the time has come to cleave.

However, if the distraction pulls you away from something that is for your greater good, the results are not worth the dalliance.

Prioritize what you take pride in, even if the seductive message is that something is more fun in the short-run.

Whatever you decide to spend your time with gleans strong results. With Mars also in Leo, the drive to roar your personal truth is ferocious indeed.

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