The Moon in Scorpio

When the Moon is in Scorpio, it is not a day like any other — unless you are the kind of person who lives with intensity. Conversations probe, poke or divulge. Some people may go too far and others dive deep.

Unless you are willing or have the time, don’t engage. If you come up short for what’s required, there may be no allowances. If you do want to connect, give yourself the time needed to explore all dimensions.

Issues of betrayal may come to the surface. True courage and bold moves are made after considerable reflection. Loyalty is rewarded. Fickle, inconstant or uncertain people cannot meet the proposals put in front of them.

If you have a focus, drive or desire when the Moon is in Scorpio, expect to be like a dog with a bone. The question is, are you going to chew it or bury it?

Concentrate on financial investments, problem-solving, research and profound commitments to maximize the power of the Scorpio Moon.